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Natural essential oils have been used for thousands of years to safely deter pests. Using modern polymer science we developed and patented a method of increasing their effectiveness by encapsulating, time-releasing, and amplifying them, all at

the molecular level.


Essential oils are encapsulated, amplified, and time-released from inside a negatively charged polymer. Amplified by natural energy sources, the negatively charged essential oil molecules are drawn to positively charged pests: Confused, they release warning pheromones as a means of warning others of their same species to



Sniff ’n’ Stop products have proven to safely deter problem pests, from the smallest

mosquitoes and ants to raccoons, snakes, and even bears that damage wood poles and get into garbage cans. Sniff 'n' Stop has been used for more than 27 years as a solution to safely and effectively deter problem pests.


Sniff 'n' Stop is  available for residential and personal use in sprays, fragrance drops, pouches, granules, and paints.

Highly Effective • All Natural • Patented