Environmentally Safe and Natural

Why Choose

  • Highly effective – It really works
  • Natural and Organic – Simple to use
  • Safe for the environment – No pesticides
  • Long lasting protection

Sniff’n’Stop® products harness energy and uses it for everything from repelling insects and rodents, to cleaning the air of pathogens, viruses, and more.

Customer Review

Perfect for my house! Spiders have been coming inside, and this spray works like a charm, while keeping my house safe from too harsh of chemicals.
S. Rose
Works extremely well. I have switched to organic in my home. This product gives me peace of mind. I am not introducing harsh chemicals to my family. I live in the Deep South – so our vehicles get a dose too.
D. Nelson
Regarding the spiders, there’s now no cobwebs, nothing in the areas we are using Sniff’N’Stop products. There’s nothing, no activity, no nothing.
Blue Ridge Elec., SC
The product you sent me worked great. It even kept the mosquitoes and moths to a minimum inside the camper. I will definitely spread the word.
Brighton, Colorado

How It Works

All Natural Pest Deterrents

no harmful chemicals … safe for people and pets

Pathogens and Viruses vs. Essential Oils and Energy