The IPOLE-WPK Woodpecker Hole Repair System has been used extensively by power utilities for more than 30 years.  During this time there have been NO REPORTS OF FAILURES OF THE REPAIRED SECTIONS (when installed according to directions) and NO REPORTS OF CONTINUED DECAY IN THE REPAIRED HOLES.

Full-scale tests were performed on wood poles repaired with the IPOLE-WPK System.  These tests indicated that the IPOLE-WPK repair did restore the test poles to their original like-new strength.

“In test set-up IFOAM made for an increase in strength of 6%, and in test set-up 2, it made for an increase in strength of 16-21%.” Elektroutvikling AS, Norway

Ultimate Protection


Active Cathodic  Protection of Wood and/or Steel

Drilling Resistance Measurements were also taken of the IFOAM (used in the IPOLE-WPK pole repair) and the surrounding wood. Drilling Resistance of the IFOAM was found to be Comparable to that of the Wood.