Sniff’n’Stop is made up of thousands of stand-alone Microscopic Active Negatively Charged Energy Cells.  These cells can be added to MANY EXISTING PRODUCTS and has applications in MOST INDUSTRIES.

  • Can be mixed into many products.
  • Has applications in most industries.

Sniff ‘n’ Stop Applications:

  • Powders & Dusts
  • Coatings
  • Sponges
  • Misting/Fogging
  • Sprays
  • Granules
  • Pouches
  • Paints & Additives
  • More …

Stops Wood Chewing

October 2017

“Wild mustangs were our worst wood chewing problem. They regularly chewed the 6″ x 6″ wood columns of their run-in shed down to 3″ x 3” in a matter of weeks! No product that we tried stopped their ravenous chewing for more than two days. After using Sniff ‘n’ stop, we haven’t had an incident in over 15 years!”

Power lines

Proven Pest Deterring Solutions History

Major Discovery

The Sniff’n’Stop Technology was found in ancient Egypt.  Known as the Parthian Battery, it was the Oldest Known ELECTRIC BATTERY In Existence.  Dissimilar metals, essential oils in a mild acid (vinegar).

Dead Sea Asphalt Used With Essential Oils to Preserve Mummies

In ancient Egypt, Dead Sea Asphalt (High Trace Metal Content) was traded like Gold and used in the Mummification Process as a preservative.  Let’s make the comparison:  Both E-SAP and Asphalt are hydrocarbon-based resins.  Both Sniff’n’Stop and Mummification use Essential Oils.  Both E-SAP and Mummification are acidic (E-SAP polymer and body decomposition fluids).  JUDGE FOR YOURSELF!

ESSENTIAL OILS HAVE BEEN USED FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS TO DETER PESTS. Our deterring essential oils are generally regarded as safe by FDA and EPA.



Sniff ’n’ Stop’s E-SAP technology has been used successfully in the Electric Utility Industry for more than 30 years.

Sniff’n’Stop is Perfect for Lines, Cables, Risers, Enclosures, Pad Mounted Equipment, Substations, and Line Personnel. Products include FR-Certified Protection Sprays, Paints, Granules, Sponges, Fogging Solutions, Dusting Powders, Die-Cut Sponges, and More.


Woodpecker Detering Paint

97% Reduction in Wookpecker Activity

Stops Termites

Stopped Termites in Mound for 12+ Months

Improves Reliability

“Within Santee Cooper we have a rliability goal of 99.995% for our (wood pole) transmission facilities.”
– George Patrick, Supervisor Transmission Lines Santee Cooper

“We achieved that and got 99.998% in 2005. We hear a lot from industrial customers moving here that they want that reliable power.”
– Laura Vam, V.P. Corporate Communications Santee Cooper

Additional Benefits

  • Stops Rodents and Snakes
  • Protects Pad-Mounted Equipment
  • Stops Squirrels & Skunks
  • David Mauldin, Electric Underground Operations Coordinator for the City of Concord, North Carolina was having problems with squirrels and skunks . . . to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance and repair costs each year. That was more than 8 years ago:

    “Now the squirrels stay out, the skunks stay out – Even fire ants aren’t a problem anymore. The difference can be traced directly to our use of Sniff ‘n’ Stop . . . and the difference has been remarkable. It’s safe enough to use in residential areas – even the pests aren’t hurt . . . they just leave our equipment along.”

    • Protects Street Lights

    10+ years – NO BUGS!

    “It’s working so well, that we haven’t had to return any lights treated with it. You could eat off the insside of the globe.”

Serviced Industries

Proven Pest Deterring Solutions

Sop pests, flies, gnats, mosquitos, ticks, and lice. Helps your animals with Sweet Itch, Lyme Disease, Worms, and Paralysis.

  • RV Industry
  • Food & Hospitality Service
  • Equine
  • Power and Telecom