Commercial Pest Control Products for The Power & Telecom Industries

When you think of commercial pest control products, you probably seldom think of specific industries that might need specially tailored pest control products — aside from the restaurant industry, that is. That being said, there are plenty of other industries that need specific pest control products to keep pests from infesting their commercial property and damaging materials and goods. Two of the industries that require specialized pest control products are the power and telecommunications industry.

In today’s blog post we’ll be discussing the reasoning behind these two industries needing specialized commercial pest control products. Continue reading below to learn more.

Why Do These Industries Need Specialized Products?

Under the umbrella of commercial pest control products, there are hundreds of different industry-specific pest control products that are meant to serve a different function. For food services, it is usually to keep rodents and insects at bay for the sake of cleanliness and to reduce damages to food products. For the commercial warehouse and storage industries, it is usually pest control products that are tailored to keep pests from establishing nests or hives. For the telecommunications and power industries, pest control products are used to protect wiring.

But why is wiring at risk from the presence of pests?

Rodents & Wiring

If you assumed that rodents are one of the only pests that have the ability to damage something like wiring, you are correct. But why would a rodent feel the need to damage a wire?

It is a little known fact that rodents like rats and mice have teeth that continuously grow — almost like a fingernail might. Because of this, rodents are given to chew on anything and everything to file down their teeth to a manageable size. And it just so happens that electrical wires are one of their favorite objects to use during their self-care routine.

Some people speculate that wires are commonly chewed by rodents because of the texture and density of the rubber coating that encapsulates live wires. Others, however, attribute it to the fact that wires are usually found in the places that rodents can access the easiest like walls and crawl spaces. But regardless of why rodents chew wires, it is important that industry professionals have a pest management tool to minimize the damages that are sustained at the ever-growing incisors of rodents — and that is where Sniff ‘n’ Stop products come in to play.

Sniff ‘n’ Stop Commercial Pest Control Products For Telecom & Power

In an effort to help industry professionals working in power and telecommunications, Sniff ‘n’ Stop products have been specially tailored to combat the number one cause of pest damage in the industry — wires chewed by rodents.

Two of our products, our Die-Cut Odernat Sponges and our Pest-Deterring Cable Paint & Lubricant Additive, are specially designed to help industry professionals protect cables and wiring that are critical to the optimal function of their day-to-day operations. Below, we will briefly outline how each product can be used to protect wiring.

The Sniff ‘n’ Stop Die-Cut Odorant Sponge

When most people think of industrial pest control products, they typically think of strong chemical sprays and granules that can be spread over a large space. At Sniff ‘n’ Stop, we believe in manufacturing multi-functional natural pest control solutions that enable industry leaders to prevent damages caused by pests without having to expose their employees to harmful, unresearched chemicals.

Our Di-Cut Odorant Sponges are manufactured polyurethane sponges that have been coated in a long-lasting and weather-resistant mixture of essential oils and other natural products. Perfect for junctions where wires meet electrical boxes, keeping rodents from entering bulbs of light posts, and using as a riser, our foam sponges are equipped with encapsulated time-released technology — allowing our pungent mix of essential oils to stay stronger and last longer. To view this innovative product, click here.

Sniff ‘n’ Stop Pest-Deterring Cable Paint & Lubricant Additive

Much like our odorant sponges, our pest-deterring paints and lubricant additives are specially designed for pest control applications in the power and telecommunication industries. Our Pest-Deterring Cable Paint and Lubricant Additives can be directly painted on to wiring and cable boxes, as well as mixed with other cable lubricants to provide a long-lasting rodent deterrent.

What sets our cable pain and lubricant additives apart from other commercial pest control applications for the telecommunication and power industries is that they are specially designed to work in indoor, outdoor, and underground applications.

Order Your Commercial Wire Protection Products Today!

If you work in the telecommunications or power industries and want to protect your cables from rodent ware without having to use harsh chemicals, we urge you to check out our natural commercial pest control products today. All of our products are natural, long-lasting, and completely odorless — making them the perfect commercial pest control application for your industrial operation.

Order yours today!

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