Commercial Pest Control Products: Keeping The Kitchen Clean

When it comes to pest control, there is no location that the presence of pests is more damning than in a commercial food operation or kitchen. Sure, if you have pests in your home it can be a nuisance — but a nuisance is usually all that it is. If you have a pest control issue in a commercial food venture like a restaurant kitchen or food manufacturing facility, however, a pest infestation can become catastrophic.

When we frame the issue of pest infestations, it can be easy to fall back on the thought that “pests are gross, of course, I do not want them near me or in my home.” That being said, when a pest population becomes established in a commercial space like a kitchen, the infestation becomes a public health hazard, as well as a threat to the financial welfare of the business owner.

As a manufacturer of commercial pest control products, here at Sniff ‘n’ Stop, we know a thing or two about the negative impacts experienced when a pest infestation manifests itself in a commercial food service property. There are public health and public comfort implications at stake whenever pests are present in a kitchen — and that directly affects you, the business owner. Because of that, we see it fit to discuss pest control in commercial food ventures, as well as some ways that our commercial pest control products can be used to effectively manage and prevent pest populations in and around your property.  

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Pest Identification

As a restaurant owner or food production facility owner, you already know the importance of pest control. After all, if a commercial food venture is known to have pests present it can both shut down your business temporarily and tarnish the public’s opinion of your restaurant or facility.

When it comes to pest identification in properties that are associated with food production of food preparation, there are a few ways that pest issues are commonly identified — and some ways might hurt your operation more than others. Below, we have listed the three most common ways that pests are identified in food-related facilities.

Droppings – A telltale sign of any pest infestation is the droppings that the pests leave behind — especially in a food facility. If a pest like a rodent, roach, or any other food-driven pest is in your facility and eating the food that is present, they are bound to leave excrement behind.

Crumbs – Crumbs are another common sign of pest infestations. If you keep a clean property and start to notice that crumbs are appearing overnight, it is a guaranteed sign that you have a pest issue on your hands. Additionally, this might mean that you have to find the source of where the crumbs have come from in order to avoid serving or selling a contaminated product.  

Customer Sighting- Arguably the worst way to have pests identified in your facility is to have a customer physically see the pest.  Not only will this prove that you have a pest infestation, but it will also likely lead to public distrust in your business.

After Pests Have Been Identified

Once a pest has been identified in your food manufacturing or service business, it is important that you take action right away. In some cases, you might be able to rid your business of pests easily, and in others, your business may be temporarily or permanently shut down by your local health inspector.

In order to avoid losing revenue by temporarily or permanently closing, it is important to have a pest management strategy in place that guarantees that pests are deterred from infesting your property. But being a food service business, how can you do so without using harmful pesticides that could potentially affect the health of those under your employment as well as the customers that you serve? How about a natural form of commercial pest control?

Sniff ‘n’ Stop Natural Commercial Pest Control Products

If you are serious about keeping pests at bay and are also concerned for the welfare of your employees and customers, we urge you to check out our commercial pest control products online today. All of our Sniff ‘n’ Stop products are made using a proprietary essential oil blend that is absolutely harmless.

Instead of using harsh chemicals to kill the pest populations, our natural pest control products simply create an ionized scent barrier that deters pests from entering your commercial food venture in the first place.

Some Sniff ‘n’ Stop products  that can benefit your property are:

  • Sniff ‘n’ Stop Large Deterrent Pouches – Our deterrent pouches are an excellent pest exclusion tool.  Simply place a pouch near each entry point to your property and rest easy knowing that you have up to a year of pest repellant power protecting your building.
  • Sniff ‘n’ Stop GoodBye Fruit Flies – One of the most common pests that are associated with kitchens and manufacturing facilities are fruit flies. Simply attach the fruit fly deterrent pouches to any surface using a 3M Command Strip and enjoy up to one year of fruit fly protection.
  • Sniff ‘n’ Stop Carpet Dust – If you own a restaurant it is important that you protect your dining area as well. Consider sprinkling our effective carpet dust, working it into the carpet, and vacuuming the excess dust to prevent the presence of pests in your dining area.
  • And more! Check out our large inventory of commercial pest control products online!

For Commercial Pest Control Products Online, Shop Sniff ‘n’ Stop Store If you are looking for commercial pest control products online that are safe for your commercial food venture, we urge you to check out our online store. All of our natural pest control products are made using essential oils like cedar, cinnamon, clove, geraniol, lemongrass, rosemary, and more.

If you have any questions about our products we urge you to contact us today. We look forward to hearing about how our products helped you maintain a pest-free workplace.

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