Earth Day & The Importance Of Natural Pest Control Products

It is April 22 — and you know what that means… it’s Earth Day! But what is earth day really? And what does it have to do with natural pest control products?

Earth Day is an annual event that is held every year on April 22 in over 181 countries worldwide. The purpose of Earth Day is to bring awareness to the Earth’s health and causes that promote the wellbeing of nature and pollution reduction.

Natural pest control products are just one of the many alternative products that can be used to help promote global health — and being a manufacturer of natural pest control products we see it fit to have a discussion about the importance of organic pest control products on Earth Day this year. Continue reading to learn more about the impact and benefits of using natural pest control methods.

Carbon Footprint

One of the largest benefits in regard to the use of organic pest control products is that they create less of a carbon footprint than traditional chemical-based products. While the footprint from the production and manufacturing phase might be similar between the two types of pest control products, the lifetime of natural pest control products make much less of an impact on the global carbon footprint.


One of the most damaging impacts of chemical-based pest control products is that they disrupt natural ecological processes rather than managing them or influencing them. The food chain in nature is a series of links that are all codependent — and when one link is broken, many consequences will arise.

Natural forms of pest control are more eco-friendly because instead of killing populations of pests that are crucial to the food chain, natural pest control products repel the pest or influence different food chain outcomes. By using an organic pest control product you can rest easy knowing that you are making as small of an impact as possible on your surrounding ecosystems.

Landscape Maintenance

When you schedule a pest control provider to come treat your property and the exterior of your home you can expect for more than just your home to be “treated” with chemicals. All too often pest control providers use sprays with poor nozzles or during high wind events — meaning that the chemical is without a doubt applied to surfaces that were not intended to be treated. Surfaces like your lawn, shrubbery, and trees.

When contacted with chemical pest control products plants do not respond well — becoming sick or even dying off entirely. Eco-friendly pest control products can help you avoid landscaping damages altogether.


In the past people would google terms like “safe pest control solutions,” “pet-friendly pest control products,” “child-safe pest control products, “ and others like them to find pest control products that they felt comfortable with their family being around.

If people are so worried about how a chemical can affect their family, doesn’t it make sense that it could have a profound effect on the natural world? Because of this, natural and organic pest control products are the safe-alternative to chemical-based products — because a product that is safe for nature is definitely safe for your family.

Pest Resistance

Sure, pests are incredibly gross and annoying to have in your home — but that chemical-based pesticide that you use might not be able to keep them at bay forever. In fact, pests seem to have a knack for becoming resistant to chemicals that are used in pesticides — rendering them useless at a certain point.

Rather than using a pest control product that might be rendered as useless in the near future, it can be beneficial to use a natural pest control product that they will be unable to become resistant to.

Order Natural Pest Control Products This Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, and if there is even one small thing that you can do to give back to Mother Earth, let it be switching to organic pest control products. As you have probably gathered from the above information, eco-friendly pest control products can do more than just give back to nature — they are also incredibly efficient.

So what are you waiting for? Do your part this Earth Day to make the switch to eco-friendly pest control products from the Stop ‘n’ Sniff store. If you have any questions about our essential oil-based products, contact us today.

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