How Each Of Our Home Pest Control Products Work

When it comes to home pest control products, no two products are created equally. Some products work well, some don’t. Some products are packed with harmful chemicals, some aren’t.

At Sniff ‘n’ Stop, our home pest control products are the best of both worlds — safe and effective. But how do they really work? Continue reading below to learn more about our innovative suite of pest control products.

Our Home Pest Control Products

At Sniff ‘n’ Stop we have developed a suite of home pest control products that are made with natural ingredients like essential oils. In doing so, we have made a product that is pet and family friendly — all while effectively keeping pests at bay. Utilizing cedar oil, cinnamon oil, citric acid, clove oil, geraniol oil, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, and other natural materials, Sniff ‘n’ Stop products are all-natural — regardless of if they are sprays, granules, powders, or paints. Below, we have listed each of our products, as well as their intended use and application methods.

Sniff ‘n’ Stop Coarse Deterrent Granules

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If you own a property like a home or business, there is a good chance that you have noticed pests in your yard at some point. Whether it is an ant mound in the middle of your once pristine sod, a hole dug by an armadillo, or even a stink bug infestation, it is likely that the presence of pests is bothersome. Luckily, our coarse deterrent granules are the perfect home pest control product to help you drive pests away.

To use Sniff ‘n’ Stop coarse deterrent granules, simply spread the granules around the exterior of your building and on your yard. This can be done a number of ways, ranging from throwing handfuls of product to mechanical distribution, but we have found that the most efficient way to disperse the product is to use a broadcast spreader like the ones used to distribute fertilizer on a lawn. To order your coarse deterrent granules, click here.

Sniff ‘n’ Stop Chew Breaker Sprays

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Have you ever had an issue with a pet or wild animal chewing on your personal items or property? If so, you are not alone. In the past, damages caused by chewing could only be resolved with the use of two different home pest control sprays — one being harmful (used for wild animal pests) and one being natural (used for pests).

Sniff ‘n’ Stop chew deterrent spray is made with natural essential oils, meaning that it is powerful enough to deter both wild animals and pests from chewing on your property while also being safe in the case that your pet or a family member come in contact with the spray. So whether you want to keep your horse from chewing on its pen, your dog from ruining your slippers, or your wires free from mouse damage, this Sniff ‘n’ Stop Chew Breaker spray is the perfect product for you. Order your chew deterrent spray today by clicking here.

SniffAway Natural Protection Sprays

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Almost everybody has had an experience where they are out and about, only to be pestered relentlessly by insects like mosquitoes, no-see-ums, gnats, fleas, chiggers, and more. But what do you do when you are being bothered by pests? Aimlessly swat them away from your face? Apply a standard “bug spray” that contains DEET? We wouldn’t recommend it.

Most bug sprays contain DEET, a harmful chemical. And if they don’t, they usually have a compound additive that is similar to it. Because you are likely applying the product near your eyes, nose, and mouth, it is incredibly important that you do so with a natural pest control product that won’t be damaging to your health. To order a natural protection spray, click here.

SniffAway Carpet Dusts

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When people hear the term “carpet dust” it is more than likely that their mind will drift off to a rather gross substance that accrues after years of accumulating filth. Luckily, carpet dust is actually a good thing — if you’re talking about SniffAway Carpet Dust, that is.

Used to deter bed bugs, ticks, fleas, and other common household pests, our carpet dust home pest control product is the perfect in-home pest protection tool. Simply dust your carpet, work the dust with a broom, and vacuum the excess dust up four hours later for up to six months of protection. Order your carpet dust today by clicking here.

SniffAway GoodBye Bed Bug Spray

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Bud bugs might be one of the worst pests of all time. They infest your home, bite you as you sleep, and are incredibly hard to get rid of once they have established a population. Luckily, Sniff ‘n’ Stop bed bug spray is the perfect tool to ensure that you never have an infestation in the first place.

Simply spray all four sides of your mattress and box spring every four to six months for lasting bed bug protection. To order your bottle of SniffAway bed bug spray, click here.

SniffAway Fly Freedom

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Flies are possibly the most annoying and relentless pest in existence. They buzz around your head and body — making any experience less desirable than it once was. While we think that we have it bad as humans, other mammals have it way worse. Mammals like horses.

Protect your horse from annoying flies with SniffAway Fly Freedom Shampoo Additive. This natural pest control solution is easy to use and long-lasting. Simply mix this innovative product in the shampoo that you use for grooming and give your horse up to one month of fly protection. To order your bottle, click here.

Sniff ‘n’ Stop Wasp & Bee Sprays

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There are plenty of pests that when present are simply a nuisance, and then there are the pests that can cause physical harm and pain. Among the pests that can cause physical harm and pain, the most common are wasps and bees. For some, the fear associated with wasps and bees are the pain of a sting, for others it is the fear of having an allergic reaction.

Regardless of why you want to deter stinging insects, it is important that you can do so with a natural pest control product. Unlike traditional wasp and bee pest control products, Sniff ‘n’ Stop Wasp & Bee Spray utilizes natural oils to drive off wasps and bees. Simply spray small amounts of this home pest control product over a large area to experience protection in a 15 to 20 foot area from where the spray was applied. Order yours today!

Sniff ‘n’ Stop Deterrent Pouches

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Keep your home clear of pests with Sniff ‘n’ Stop long lasting deodorant pouches. Our odorant pouches are meant to provide you with a long tem, low effort, home pest control product solution that keeps both insects and rodents at bay.

Simply strategically place the odorant pouches in an enclosed space and enjoy up to one year of pest protection. Among the best places to place this home pest control product is under couches and beds, in cabinets, or behind furniture. Order your odorant pouches today!

Sniff ‘n’ Stop GoodBye Fruit Flies

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Have you noticed your fruit being tainted by fruit flies? Maybe you don’t eat your fruit fast enough. Or maybe you simply need a pest control product that can rid you of your worries.

Being that food is something that you ingest, you really don’t want harmful chemicals around it. GoodBye Fruit Fly pouches are made using natural essential oils for that very reason. Simply place a pouch near your fruit and enjoy up to a year of protection! Order your fruit fly deterrent pouches today!

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If you are looking for natural and safe home pest control products that are proven to last, we urge you to check out our onlines store. All of our products are designed to give you the pest-free outcome that you desire without having to use harmful chemicals. If you have any questions about our products we urge you to contact us today.

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