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Welcome to the Sniff ‘n’ Stop blog. In today’s post, we are going to introduce you to our brand, our products, and why Sniff ‘n’ Stop natural pest control products are superior to other less effective pest control brands.

Sniff ‘n’ Stop products are specially designed to effectively keep pests at bay while also keeping your family, friends, and pets from being impacted by potentially dangerous chemicals. But how do our products really work?

How Do Sniff ‘n’ Stop Products Work?

While traditional pest control products are commonly associated with damaging chemicals like DEET, Sniff ‘n’ Stop products utilize a more natural deterrent — essential oils. Utilizing a proprietary blend of cedar oil, cinnamon oil, citric acid, clove oil, geraniol oil, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil, mint oil, peppermint oil, and much more, our natural pest control products keep pests at bay using oils that are commonly used in foods and products that you likely already use on a daily basis.  But how do essential oils act as a natural pest deterrent?

When you think of essential oils it is more than likely that you will think of the oils that are used in a diffuser — and those oils are not far off from our pest control products. Rather than using peppermint oil and others like it to make a soothing aroma, we instead used modern polymer science to develop and patent natural pest control products ranging from sprays to granules to pouches and paints.

When the essential oils are encapsulated in a negatively charged polymer, they become amplified and diffuse as time progresses. The negatively charged polymers attract and draw in the positively charged pests. Once the pest has been drawn in, our natural pest control products activate — confusing the pest that comes in contact with the product and causing it to release a fear pheromone that warns their fellow species to stay away.

What Is The Purpose Of Sniff ‘n’ Stop Products?

While it might seem pretty obvious that our natural pest control products are specially designed to manage and control pest populations like many other pest control products, it is really Sniff ‘n’ Stop’s mission to do so in a safe, long lasting, and effective way. For far too long pest control products have simply been pesticide sprays that are just as harmful on the outside of your house as they are inside. Now, with the help of Stop ‘n’ Sniff natural pest control products, you can safely keep your home or business pest free using natural, non-toxic granules, pouches, sprays, and paints.

Order Your Natural Pest Control Products Today!

If you have a pest problem in your home, business, recreational vehicle, industrial property, or anywhere else, we urge you to check out our suite of natural pest control products today. Each product is made for a specific pest and purpose — meaning that they work efficiently over long periods of time to ensure that your property remains pest free.

If you have any questions about our innovative natural pest control products we urge you to contact us today. Are you interested in placing an order? Visit our online store and pick out a natural pest control product that meets your unique needs!

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