What Are Outdoor Pest Control Products?

When people think of pest control they think of the stereotypical treatment application where a technician walks around the inside of the house with a sprayer — spraying unrealistic amounts of chemicals on the floorboards. While, sure, this is something that some pest control companies do, there is much more to pest control than simply treating the inside of your home or business.

Outdoor pest control products are often seen as unnecessary, with people saying “but the inside of my house is treated.” Outdoor pest control product applications are the second layer of defense from pests — often times working well enough that the interior treatments are not needed.

But what are some situations where outdoor pest control products might prove to be beneficial? Continue reading today’s blog post to learn more!

Home & Business

One of the most common uses for outdoor pest control is to protect homes and businesses. As we just mentioned, treating the exterior of a building almost seems to create a second barrier that deters pests.

Integrated pest management strategies, a form of pest control that holistically encompasses the natural processes of pest management, dictates that part of pest control is pest prevention. One of the most common causes of pest infestations is not the lack of pest control products on the interior of the home or business, but it is the ease of access that the pest has to your home or business — suggesting that addressing the areas where they enter is more important than treating them once they enter.

Outdoor pest control products are an excellent way to prevent future pest infestations.


When people think of home pest control they think of pest control products and treatments. When people think of camping, they think of bug spray. But doesn’t it make more sense to prevent the pests from being in your immediate area rather than allowing them to buzz around your head all day — only not landing because of the toxic chemicals like DEET on your skin.

Rather than exposing yourself to chemical-based bug sprays while you camp, consider using Sniff ‘n’ Stop outdoor pest control products. All of our products are made with natural essential oils, allowing you to maintain a pest-free area in a safe and effective way.


So you have a storage unit that is prone to insect and rodent infestation — after all, storage units are not built to be pest proof. Or maybe you own an RV and because it is winter, it is parked in the yard. Either way, are you using an outdoor pest control product to keep pests at bay? Because you should be.

Pests are known for seeking food and shelter in places that are not disturbed for long periods of time. And storage units and parked RVs are notorious for being targeted. By covering the surrounding area with granules or odorant pouches from the Sniff ‘n’ Stop store you can rest easy knowing that your storage unit and RV are safe and pest-free.


When we say that using outdoor pest control products are an excellent way to keep your home, storage unit, RV, and more safe from pests we say it with a grain of salt — because not all outdoor pest control products are good.

When you apply pest control products outdoors, it is your eco-responsibility to use a natural pest control product that won’t be damaging to the environment. Sniff ‘n’ Stop outdoor pest control products are made using natural and organic ingredients like essential oils.

If you are interested in ordering our outdoor pest control products we urge you to visit our online store. If you have any questions about our outdoor insect control and outdoor rodent control products, we urge you to contact us today.

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