What RV Owners Have To Say About Our Pest Products

Do you own a recreational vehicle? If so, you probably know that there are two seasons — RV season and RV storage season. When you use your RV during the spring, summer, and fall, it doesn’t take much to keep it pest free. During the winter months, however, you might have a little more trouble keeping pests from moving in.

Luckily, the internet is a great tool that you can use to help find pest products for both indoor and outdoor use when you store your RV. That being said, there are thousands of pest products — so how can you find out what product is best for your RV? Testimonials!

The best way to determine if a RV storage pest product will work for you is to see what others have said. Below we have gathered a few statements that our customers have provided in regard to their experience with our pest control products. Continue reading to see what others have to say about our RV pest control products.

Michael. – etrailer.com Review – (4-Stars)

“I had caught a few mice in traps and had visual evidence of mouse droppings. I put some of these out and any evidence of any more mice disappeared instantly. Too soon to say how long they last, but these packets are going anyplace I suspect I might have a rodent problem.”

We are very happy to hear that our natural pest deterrent granules have helped your rid your RV of unwanted rodent pests, Michael. While you did not provide us with a 5-star review, we appreciate your kind words and hope that you can get in touch with us and let us know if it ended up being a 5-star experience!

Richard – etrailer.com Review – (5 -Stars)

“Excellent customer service. Excellent product description. Excellent shipping notifications. Not sure what else I can say except that I will be back!”

Richard, we are so happy to hear that you have had an excellent experience with both our team here at Sniff ‘n’ Stop and our product. While we are happy to hear that you intend on doing business with us in the future, we do want to point out that it could be a while — being that each application of our coarse granules lasts up to a year! But when you need more, you know where to find us!

Douglas – etrailer.com Review – (5-Stars)

“This product has a pleasant aroma to the human senses, but drives the pests away and keeps them away. Great stuff, Thanks etrailer!!!”

Thanks for the kind words, Douglas. All of our products are manufactured using essential oils for the very reason of making a powerful pest deterrent that smells good to people. After all, it is your RV — we aren’t trying to keep you out of it!

Order Your RV Pest Products Today

There is no feeling worse than opening your RV up for the season only to find evidence of a pest infestation. Avoid the hassle of cleaning and restoring your RV by storing it with natural pest products from Sniff ‘n’ Stop. All of our products are made with organic essential oils and can last up to six to 12 months between applications.

So what are you waiting for? Place your order today.

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