Our History

Before starting ICORP-IFOAM Specialty Products Corporation in 1992, ICORP’s founder, Phil Landers, worked as an Engineer, Lineman, and Researcher (1968-1977) for a power company in Florida. From 1977-1984, he was recruited as a Project Manager and Manager of Technology Transfer for a newly-formed research organization (the Electric Power Research Institute) that was chartered for the purpose of identifying, conducting, and managing research for the Power Industry. In 1984, after completing his tenure with EPRI, Mr. Landers formed a company to commercialize some of the research that had been developed. After taking that company public in 1986, Mr. Landers conducted research that led to the development of the IFOAM and E-SAP technologies. In 1992, Mr. Landers formed ICORP-IFOAM Specialty Products Corporation.

Currently, Mr. Landers holds 14 U.S. Patents related to various aspects of ICORP’s technology with several others in progress.

Our Mission

The mission of ICORP-IFOAM is to provide sustainable and environmentally responsible products to a multitude of industries ranging from utility poles, to equine for horses, to homes and the outdoors.

ICORP has made a major breakthrough in the harvesting and use of electromagnetic energy in the creation of negatively charged molecules typically associated with cleaning air of pollen and pollutants. Combined with Natural Essential Oils, these magnetically charged microscopic particles have application in virtually every industry.
  • In the home and RV’s, to keep pests like roaches and ants away
  • In Equine, to keep flies and mosquitoes off both the horse and rider
  • In Power and Telecom industries, to keep squirrels, rats and other pests out of cabinets and off of cables
  • For Personal use, deter mosquitoes and ticks, and Boost the Immune System against bacteria and viruses.

ICORP continues to look for opportunities to partner with companies in expanding the applications of this technology in each industry.

The Future

Worldwide research has shown Essential Oils to be effective in treating a variety of maladies. ICORP is continuing research into expanding the applications of its technology into various industries, and on wholistic methods of expanding its antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral capability through the use of harvested Negative Ion energy.