“When we look at our maintenance costs and our transmission operations we are always

looking at ways to reduce those costs. If we have a woodpecker infestation that affects the integrity of a utility pole, depending on the type of structure, it could cost us upwards of $20,000 in materials and manpower and equipment to change that out.” He continues, “With this I-Foam product we can go out there and probably for $500 make the repairs and extend

the life and the integrity of that structure maybe another 10 to 15 years.” Hmm, $20,000 minus $500 leaves $19,500 for a whole lot more preventative maintenance.

Santee Cooper

Now the squirrels stay out, the skunks stay out, even fire ants aren’t a problem anymore. The difference can be traced directly to our use of Sniff’N’Stop, and the difference has been remarkable. It’s safe enough to use in residential areas, even the pests aren’t hurt, they just leave our equipment alone. Sniff’N’Stop has proven to be the best and safest way to control the pests that cause the outages.

David Mauldin

City of Concord, NC

Regarding the spiders, there’s now no cobwebs, nothing in the areas we are using Sniff’N’Stop products. There’s nothing, no activity, no nothing.

Eric McCollum

Blue Ridge Elec., SC

Wild mustangs were our worst wood chewing problem. They regularly chewed the 6″x6″ wood columns of their run-in shed down to 3″x3″‘s in a matter of weeks. No product that we tried stopped their ravenous chewing for more than two days. Until we applied Sniff’N’Stop Chewing Deterrent. Its been several years since the Sniff’N’Stop application. There has been no indication of further wood chewing in the Sniff’N’Stop treated areas.

Jamshid Baradaran

Director of Maintenance and Construction

Kentucky Horse Park

Phil, I used your spray paint product to repel pigeons here at the Transportation Services building at Santee Cooper. For the last several years these pigeons would come here and build their nest and then reproduce new pigeons. They were constantly making a mess over the sidewalk with their waste. Since spraying your product on the area where they come in and nest, we have not seen any pigeons. This has been over 6 months ago and no more pigeons at all.

I would highly recommend your product and its effectiveness.


Matthew W. Driggers (Mackie)

Technical Supervisor, Transportation Services

Moncks Corner, SC